How to Grow a Loyal Following

There are two ways to build a reliable income from your Creative Market shop: 1. Pure brute force (aka the bad way): Trying to constantly be everywhere at once promoting your own products. 2. Growing a loyal following (aka the awesome way): Grow a loyal following of customers who share your work and buy your products.

Growing a loyal following will increase your shop sales. But it will also bring more significance to your work. Not just for yourself, but for your customers.

It can feel overwhelming to grow a loyal following. I’ve found one of the easiest ways to start is to pick one thing and start doing it consistently. I’ve created a list of 8 things you can start doing today to grow a loyal following. Pick one thing and start doing it regularly. You’ll be amazed at the results!

1. Be Human

Imagine you’re looking to buy some great coffee online. You find two different websites offering similar roasts of coffee. The first website tells you all the technical details of the coffee (roast, variety of beans, flavor profile and taste).

The second website includes technical details too. But they also have:

  • Pictures of employees preparing beans in a vintage charcoal bed roaster
  • Articles about their trips to purchase beans in South America from independent farmers
  • Instructions on how to make the best cup of coffee ever

2. Be Helpful

People buy your products because they help them achieve something. It might help them get a project done faster or achieve an effect they don’t have the knowledge to execute.

Add more value by making every interaction an opportunity to deliver value. Here’s a few simple ways to be helpful to your customers:

  • Include easy to follow instructions for your products.
  • Share videos on YouTube that help people use your products.
  • Include a PDF to help customers get the most from each product.
  • Create an inspirational gallery on Pinterest where designers can see how others use your products.

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