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log design is an art, but it’s also psychological.

The goal behind effective blog design is to make your visitors take action.

What sort of action? – There are a few things they can do…

They can subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed. Read your content. Contact you. Buy a product. Book a consultation. Join your email newsletter.

Leave a comment. Retweet your post. Share it on Facebook. Give a donation – or whatever it is you want them to do. The point is that how you set up your blog determines whether or not they act.

In this lesson, you’re gonna learn about some awesome psychological design tips, along with some practical ones, too. Let’s talk about the brain first..

Applying human psychology to blog design

blog-designOne goal per page

When designing a website we tend to throw a lot of information at our visitors.

We might not think we are, but every widget, every link, opt-in form and every ad is calling for their attention.

This isn’t good and definitely not effective.

The idea behind one goal per page is to first think about the action we want our audience to take and then design a page that increases the chances of that happening.

For example, if you want your visitors to subscribe to your blog, create a dedicated page on your blog just for that.

Remove the sidebar, remove any ads, remove the navigation bar and you’ll see the subscription rate shoot way up.


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