How to Launch an Online Shop

These days, it takes next-to-no knowledge to start an online store. Thanks to the advent of platforms like WordPress and WooCommerce, it’s never been easier to open an online shop. So selling your wares digitally is no longer solely the domain of big players like Amazon and Apple. To help you get started, we’ve prepared

7 Ways to Build a Landing Page

You’re up in the club. You see a perfect 10 standing alone from across the bar. #targetacquired What’s your gameplan? You could walk over there and ask the 10 to get out of there. That could work… If you’re Chris Hemsworth. OR you could try to buy the 10 a drink. Then build trust and

Why I’m Using a 3 Column Layout

There are a few seemingly perpetual debates in web design. 800×600 vs 1024×768. Fixed vs fluid. Content on the right or left. The choice of using a 2 column layout or a 3 column one is another of these. Advantages of a Two Column Layout Forces minimalism. There tends to be less sidebar room in

10 Essential Blog Design Elements

Most popular blogs have a number of blog design elements in common. Read on to learn about ten of the most important blog design elements your blog must have in order to have a chance at success! 1.  Readable Text Your blog design must be easy to read. That means the fonts you choose should

Design Elements That Work

log design is an art, but it’s also psychological. The goal behind effective blog design is to make your visitors take action. What sort of action? – There are a few things they can do… They can subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed. Read your content. Contact you. Buy a product. Book a consultation. Join

Headers To Draw Readers Into Any Post

It has been said that designing a blog is easy, a-no brainer. Pick a template from the myriads out there all readily available on any platform and you’ll be good to go, right? But popping images and text into an existing template will likely translate into another generic looking blog. And in today’s growing blogging