7 Ways to Build a Landing Page

You’re up in the club. You see a perfect 10 standing alone from across the bar. #targetacquired

What’s your gameplan?

You could walk over there and ask the 10 to get out of there. That could work… If you’re Chris Hemsworth.

OR you could try to buy the 10 a drink. Then build trust and rapport with some witty conversation. Sounds like the smarter move right?

The same goes with landing page optimization. Before you shoot for the conversion there must be some form of trust built between you and the person arriving on your landing page.

Trust and credibility is the lifeblood of conversion success on a landing page. And you can bet that if you want that tasty tasty conversion — your consumer must trust you.

Shady advertisements, get-rich-quick promotions, spam and pyramid schemes are more widespread on the internet than ever. So it makes sense that today’s consumers are more wary of diving into a business relationship with just anyone.

If you want to improve your conversions, try these seven ways to build a trustworthy landing page.

  1. Conversion Coupling
  2. Avoid Cheesy Imagery
  3. Provide Contact Information
  4. Concise Forms
  5. Clear Communication
  6. REAL Customer Testimonials
  7. Secure Transaction Certifications

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