5 Secrets to Create Digital Products

What’s trending?

A bit of market research can go a long way in this case, and there are some quick & easy ways you can not only figure out what’s currently in high demand, but also pick up a little inspiration on the way. One very handy tool and a great starting point is theTop 100 Search Terms on Creative Market spreadsheet, which will give you an insight into some general design categories that are likely to generate traffic. For a more direct approach, sites like Designspiration, Dribbble and Behance will give you a large dose of popular creative work and current design trends, perfect for getting those creative juices flowing.

Use your strengths to your advantage

In a nutshell, do what you’re good at doing! (Thank you captain obvious, your work here is done). But more specifically, what skills do you have that are most likely to stand out amongst the crowd? Following on from the last point, it’s easy to get carried away with an idea just because it’s hot on the popular list. Being a jack-of-all-trades can certainly have it’s benefits, but focussing your products on your most honed skills will allow your individual style to shine through; something that we regularly see in top selling products.

Uniqueness is key

This can often be the most difficult part when it comes to planning your next product, and sometimes ideas are unique for a reason; “T-shirt mockups… on a cat? Eureka!” But one easier way to approach this is by looking at the current trends and finding a new angle to work from, rather than trying to think of something completely unique. Finding a gap in the market can have a drastic effect on your products success, and this is where the extra planning & research can really pay off.

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